In 2000, Donna Gibb est. pARTy ARTworks

Weddings are our specialty, and we thought Wedding Painting deserved it's own website!

Your Guests, with the help of our artsit, all add a special brushstroke to an artwork.  They also write a message on the back, especially for you. This is the BEST MEMENTO you can have from your special day.


This will entertain your Guests, with the end result, an amazing artwork, which is designed by Donna Gibb, in consultation with you, that lasts forever, just like your love!

EXTRA Benefits include Candid Photos, and bespoke Thank you cards

Excellent for destination weddings. A fabulous way for your Guests to get to know each other over a paint brush! We take photos of your guests adding to the canvas so you can see how the artwork and fum unfolded during your reception. We can also arrange unique thank you cards.

Exciting Options

Capture your love on Canvas

Want something different to entertain your Guests? They will delight in the creative process. An excellent Ice breaker for young and old.

Wedding Showers

Celebrate your upcoming nuptials with a special "paint and pour" session. Everyone can paint their own painting, or all add to one canvas. We can set up our studio anywhere. Perfect for all generations to enjoy.

Wedding Favours

So you've got everything, Show your appreciation for cash deposits with a special mini canvas and easel gift to take home!

How it Works

Renowned Artist Donna Gibb designs an artwork, and instructs your guests how they can add a brushstroke to the canvas.

No more Boring Receptions!

The artwork is started during pre dinner drinks, and is continued during the reception. We make sure special people in your life add significant motifs to the canvas.

An Artwork to treasure forever

Couples can't wait to get their artwork and read al of the special messages. We also provide around 200 candid images taken during your celebration. 

Want more details?

Read on!

With consultation, Donna  designs a painting especially for you. Then one of her Artists will come to your wedding and paint with your guests, creating a beautiful pictorial memory with all the special people in your life.  The painting is started at the beginning of your reception, when the Bridal Party are having their photographs taken, and the guests are left to their own devices.  By having your own Artist in Residence, your guests are able to contribute to the art work, and help capture the atmosphere of your special day on canvas which can be treasured for many years to come.  Once your guests have painted, they can then write a special message on the back of the canvas. It is a wonderful way for your family and friends to meet each other over a paintbrush. This is the best way to entertain your guests, as well as provide you with a unique memento from your wedding.   Ask about a quote to have Donna Gibb paint with your guests.